Career change - how would you approach it differently if you took your focus away from the end result?

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Welcome to this brand new issue of About The Adventure newsletter! I’m starting a fresh set of career coaching questions for you to explore, which you can do on your own or with me. The focus for this short series of questions is to make a shift from fearing the big choices and making the “wrong” decisions, towards taking small steps guided by curiosity.

How would you approach career change differently if you took your focus away from the end result?

If you can, take 15 minutes now to write your response. Even better - go for a walk first, make a brew when you get home, and then sit and write for a few minutes. Walking can really help to bring a fresh perspective, even if it’s just down the lane from your house, or up your most frequented hill.

You’re very welcome to share your writing or thoughts with me if you’d like to. My email address is: and everything exchanged will be kept 100% confidential. To continue with the series of questions please just subscribe.

“I have so much to learn and so many new friends to make and that’s not something I ever want to stop doing."

Episode seven of About The Adventure podcast is an interview with Sam Devito - a photographer, filmmaker, and as of this year, co-owner of Edale General Store with his partner Laurel. Sam moved to Edale around the same time as me and we’ve shared a few great evenings in our local pubs, as well as some beautiful walks. He’s a really warm person to be around, which I’m sure you’ll sense if you listen to our interview. He’s also incredibly dedicated to his work, but still manages to be flexible and find time for creativity.

I asked Sam to be a guest on the show because of the inspirational way that he adapted to his circumstances during this pandemic, and because of his approach towards taking an idea and making it happen. I wanted to capture how he and Laurel got everything together in such a short amount of time, who helped them along the way, and what it is that they want people to experience by entering a village shop that serves both locals and visitors. It was also a great opportunity to find out about Sam's future career plans, and how moving from London to a Peak District village has made an impact on his perspective towards life.

I think that this episode will be of particular interest to people who are thinking about trying out a new project during the pandemic, but have concerns about going off-track from their longer-term career. It may also appeal to people who are prone to over-working as Sam talks about the importance of taking time out. If you are somebody who feels a sense of satisfation from being productive and the social aspects of work then you will probably relate to this interview. And if you are curious about moving away from city life to the countryside I think you'll find it interesting to hear Sam's perspective.

Tune in to this episode of About The Adventure Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, About The Adventure website, or click on this magic link to listen on your favourite app. You will hopefully be able to hear Grindsbrook flowing in the background of our interview, which is becoming one of my favourite recording spots. Click the button below to head to my blog post and the list of questions that I asked during our interview.

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Favourite Podcast Episodes Playlist

As well as creating one, I also really enjoy listening to other podcasts. There have been some episodes that have really stood out to me, so I’ve been collating them into a playlist of my favourites. Most of them have a career-related topic, but there are a couple that just stand out because of their unqiue stories. Click the button to open my Spotify playlist and if you have any that you’d like to share with me, or to add to the list, then please just send me the Spotify link.

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Interview feature: What has volunteering ever done for me?

I recently posted a brand new blog interview with Linda Cairns who has had a really varied career shaped by volunteering. It was only when she was asked to write a mini Ted Talk for Good Gym about her volunteering past that she realised how much of her life journey and all the jobs she'd got had been dictated by her volunteering work.

“I never imagined my life would take the path that it has. I did what I enjoyed and what felt worthwhile to me at the time and each step led to another job and even more exciting opportunities.”

I first came across Linda when I read her blog post on the Good Gym website about Mike Jones, a runner from GoodGym Sheffield, who ran a Fastest Known Time (FKT) around the Peak District Boundary in June 2020. We followed each other on Twitter and Linda got in touch with me to suggest meeting up for a hike together as we both live in the Hope Valley. We enjoyed a hike up Kinder Scout via Crowden Clough on a hot day in September, and I was fascinated to hear about Linda's volunteering experiences.

In this interview I ask Linda why she started volunteering, how it shaped her career, when she makes time for her other interests, and at the end she puts a few questions to you! I think you’ll really enjoy this one, Linda has already received a very positive response. If you have any comments I can pass them on for you.

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Featured coaching session

This one is all about the far-reaching views on a clear day! It really is breathtaking beauty plus a really good stomp to talk things through and bring a fresh perspective. There are some excellent spots for a flask of tea along the way and I do encourage moments of stillness on this landscape.

As it’s December I’m going to start carrying some festive snacks with me on my hikes. I love mince pies and stollen - have you got any favourites? Last year I went up the hill and sat in the sunshine in December, eating a mince pie while sat on a bench with a view over Edale and feeling very content. I really want to replicate that this year!

This coaching session takes in a quieter section of Kinder Scout from Edale, heading over towards Hope Cross with views of Ladybower Reservoir, Win Hill, Derwent Edge, and the Great Ridge on the way. Then from Hope Cross there are a few options, back towards Edale along the lower paths or straight up towards Win Hill are two good ones that I regularly do.

I’m mostly doing online sessions at the moment, but we can still get out for a walk while we talk on the phone. Or you can book with me ready for next year, I won’t ask you to pay until nearer the time. I’ve also been considering to set up some daily time slots where you can join me online for a virtual brew for 20 minutes and either use it as a mini coaching session, or as a mentoring session. These would be free of charge and a great way to connect with each other. Would this be of interest to you?

There’s a bit more information about my coaching work on my website or you can email me if you have any questions:

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Thank you so much for reading my newsletter! I already have a new interview to upload on my blog, which will be featured in the next issue. It’s a really powerful one that I can’t wait to share. I also have a new podcast episode planned with a running coach which I’m really looking forward to recording. Are there any particular types of work that you would like featured on my podcast or blog? I’m open to your ideas!