Career change: what's your biggest barrier?

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Hello from Edale in the Peak District! In this issue of About The Adventure newsletter I’m rounding up the latest series of career coaching questions in preparation for a brand new set in July! Then I’ll introduce you to my podcast guest, give you an update on what’s coming up soon, tell you more about my new career change community, and share a featured coaching session on Edale moor. I hope you’re all enjoying the summer out there, seeking adventures of your own, and taking big deep breaths of fresh air! I got a bit slouchy last week after a few days away, but I’m slowly coming back to life. Thanks for joining me here - I hope you enjoy this edition!

Here’s a recap of the series of coaching questions:

  1. How would you approach career change differently if you took your focus away from the end result?

  2. What’s just one step that you can take today?

  3. What do you need to do now to feel empowered?

  4. Who can you connect with to support and inspire you?

My next question to have a think about is:

What’s your biggest barrier?

We’re genarally pretty good at identifying a list of barriers - what’s the big juicy one standing in your way right now? Answer on a postcard to - then perhaps we can have a crack at turning it into a life-changing opportunity together!

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“The outdoors teaches you how to find a way”

When my latest guest on About The Adventure podcast suggested that we record his interview in some caves along Stanage Edge - how could I possibly resist?! It was a great idea, and a really memorable day for me because he coached me through a couple of short scrambles and guided a nice walk too. Let me tell you about Simon Stokes!

Simon changed his career from CEO of a fire and security company to the work he does now as an outdoor instructor at Peak Outdoor. He has climbed and trekked in all mountainous areas in the UK, The Alps, Borneo & The Himalayas. Each year he leads a Torridon Adventure in Scotland which is a 5-day trip that includes walking, scrambling, and accommodation at a bunkhouse.

During this interview he shares the biggest challenges he's faced along the way, how he works with people who are nervous about trying out his activities for the first time, and where he started with taking courses. You'll need a good hour for this episode, so get the kettle on, make a flask of your favourite brew, and enjoy a nice slow walk while you listen. Make sure you make it all the way to the end because Simon has a question for you to have a think about if you're considering a career change into providing outdoor activities. Listen now or read my blog post to find out more.

Read the blog post

What happens when you search for a new job?

I remember half-heartedly looking up job titles that were already on my CV - data analyst, administration assistant, operations and sales assistant. Then I’d start to look up similar keywords to see what was thrown up. Once I’d exhausted those options, I would either start to research other random jobs that I thought I might be able to do, or I’d just give up for the day.

My frustration all came down to not actually having any idea what I wanted to do. I felt incredibly lost and alone, while everyone else seemed to just be getting on with their careers and lives. I was buried in ten years worth of work that didn’t stimulate me, self-doubt, and debt. I remember thinking that there was no way out and I often felt helpless. But every time that I tried to accept my choices and just get on with it, there was a niggle that kept coming back.

It was my curiosity that helped me to move beyond my circumstances, because it opened up the little world that I had been keeping myself locked in.

This is why I have set up a career change community on patreon. It provides a safe space to think and talk about not knowing what you want to do next, and a place to be curious without pressure. It’s for people who are simply curious to explore what work and lifestyle might be more suited to your individual values. Rather than going straight to online job searches (which can feel like another job in itself), together we will consider other avenues that include creativity, connection, and a sense of adventure.

Find out more

Featured coaching session

What about a coaching session on a summer’s evening? Imagine putting away your work for the day, taking the Hope Valley route through the Peak District, landing in Edale for a guided walk, and dedicating a few hours to thinking about making changes in your life and career.

Leaving home at 6pm for an evening adventure feels like a real summer time treat! You’ll need your hiking boots for this one, as even in summer there’s some heather-bashing and bog-hopping fun to be had up here on Edale Moor. In fine weather, we’ll make time for a breather at Madwoman’s Stones to enjoy a brew with a view. Then we’ll explore the grough mazes to this trig point, before heading back towards Edale village via Ringing Roger. If these places are completely new to you, then even better!

You’ll be well looked after, the pace will be set by you, and there’s no pressure to hurry. I aim for my coaching sessions to be relaxed and fun, all you need to be is open to going on an adventure together and exploring your answers to my questions. Being outdoors simply complements the experience, and helps you to appreciate where you are now - rather than being so hard on yourself!

For a coaching session like this I usually charge £75 - if you’re gasping at the price then let me know if this unaffordable for you so that I can offer you a cheaper rate. I don’t want cost to be a barrier to us working together. If you’re concerned about fitness or walking gear, please get in touch as I can offer guidance on this. Email sarah@sarahventurer or visit my website below.

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Coming up on About The Adventure…

I recently interviewed Simon Maillet, a French knifemaker in Sheffield, about his career change from urban ecology and landscape design. Please follow my podcast on your favourite app so that you can listen to this episode when it’s published.

I have an interview coming up soon with Rachael Shaw who changed career from working in the travel industry for ten years, to setting up a consultancy business. You can put forward your questions by joining my career change community on patreon.

I’m writing a new blog post about my experience of attending a Hill and Moorland training course, and what I’m working on towards my assessment. Do you have any questions about it? I’ll answer them in the post. Please email to send in your questions.

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