Career change - why are you procrastinating?

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Hello from Edale in the Peak District! I’ve chosen procrastination as a theme for this newsletter as that’s exactly what’s been happening here at About The Adventure HQ. Last week I asked myself “why is this happening?” and I realised that for me it comes down to courage. I’m nervous about taking the next steps with my projects and events, but at the same time I really want to bring my ideas to life. During a tarot reading by Jessica Sinclair, I realised that this has been a pattern throughout my life. My nerves try to keep me safe, but they can also hold me back. I tend to focus on all the possible outcomes and imagined details, instead of getting out there to find out what will happen in the lived experience. I am the one standing in my way! So over to you:

Why are you procrastinating?

I’ll leave you to explore this question with your own answer - try to go deeper than the surface to find out what’s really going on. Writing might help, and you’re very welcome to share it with me in confidence -

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“Working full time on your craft is really liberating”

The best thing about creating About The Adventure Podcast is meeting interesting people! Simon Maillet fascinated me with his career change story, knowledge about trees, and his passion for his craft as a knifemaker. This is a man who truly loves his work - showing that it's possible, even when you might not initially know what changes to make.

How did he reach this point? I asked him lots of questions to find out! Simon is a French knifemaker based in Sheffield, with a background in urban ecology and landscape design. In this episode he shares tales from his bike ride across Europe when he met a Belgian Bladesmith from Spain, why he moved to Sheffield three years ago, and when he started to work full time as a bladesmith knifemaker.

You can read more about the interview in the blog post below, plus links to his episode and website. Or jump straight into Simon’s episode now!

Blog post

Let’s meet up!

You’re invited to my first outdoor event, which combines a guided walk with an introduction to navigation and a career change talk. It will all be delivered by my first ever podcast guest Clare Kelly from Her on a Hill.

Join us for an evening in the Peak District to find out how a trek in Nepal changed Clare’s life, why she decided to set up a women’s walking company, and what it's like behind the scenes of running it.

Patrons of About The Adventure can attend for free and bring someone along, or you can buy a ticket to attend. Click on the button below to read more details about the event. If you can’t make this one, there will be more coming soon.

Event details

Coming up next

The next podcast episode will be an interview with Rachael Shaw, who changed career from working in the travel industry for ten years to setting up a consultancy business. She talked about what led to her decision to change direction, how coaching has helped her, and why she started running.

This month I am going to lead some hill and moorland walks on Kinder Scout in the Peak District, which will help me towards my assessment in October. Soon I will be offering these in addition to my coaching walks, so if you’re interested in a guided walk please get in touch so that we can design one especially for you!

I’m extending my services to mentoring as I’ve really enjoyed this type of work through some of the organisations that I’ve worked with over the past couple of years. I’ll be offering one-to-one support and guidance towards career plans, encouragement and support towards individual aspirations, and sharing of my knowledge and experience in areas that include freelancing, podcasting, and connecting with people.

Coaching session review

With Andrew’s permission, I am sharing his review of our recent coaching session together on Kinder Scout. I hope that it will give you some insight into the way that I work, and an idea of what the experience is like.

Review by Andrew Larigo, Trainee Mountain Leader

"I had a head full of uncertainty and maybe's. Too many ideas and not enough direction so felt it was the right opportunity to speak to somebody. I had initially considered a life coach, but then I heard (completely by random) Sarah's Podcast interview with Simon Stokes. A business owner and instructor of Peak Outdoors. As a Trainee Mountain Leader I guess I was drawn in by Simon's certainty of his direction in that interview as it mimicked my plan so far but was drawn to "who is About the Adventure?" and could she chat to me about my career change/diversity into the Outdoor Industry.

I met Sarah in Edale and we spent most of the morning and into late lunchtime questioning the why's, the what's, the limiting beliefs and seeking some clarity to break down my indecisions and direction to change. It clicked a couple of hours into the walk over a mug of tea. Awesome! Why hadn't I seen that? - Cue a lightbulb lighting up Kinder Plateau.

Sarah really has a unique direction with her coaching. Who doesn't love to walk and chat and be made a brew on the hill! Bonus! The most informal setting, being relaxed, surrounded by amazing views (well, we were on our day. I know it gets murky up here) takes away any complexity in helping you to find a little bit of click and then the ideas really start to flow.

I left with a direction I hadn't considered, people to contact further and an imminent plan to get more accountable. I had a great day and will follow up with Sarah in the future and book again with her as there's a bit to move forwards with. She's great company and makes a fab flask of tea!

Thanks Sarah!"

Thank you to Andrew for taking the time to write about his experience. If you would like to find out more about my coaching sessions, or to book one in, please contact me by email:

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