How can you match your personal values with your approach to career change?

Later this week I am going to deliver a mentoring session on matching personal values with approaching new opportunities. As it will be my first time doing this with a group, I would like to practice it first by offering a free session to you this Wednesday at 6pm. If you’d like to attend and offer me some feedback by email afterwards it would be much appreciated. It will be held on Zoom for about 40 minutes and will include some interaction so your audio and video will need to be enabled. I will not be trying to sell you anything, this is purely for me to practice my group mentoring skills, and also a wonderful opportunity to meet some of you. If you’d like more information or to join, please just email me: and confirm that you’re available at 6pm. If the time isn’t quite right let me know and I’ll adjust it according to the most popular time. Thank you!