Rejection in your career - how can you move on with confidence and motivation?

In my free online workshop tomorrow I will offer simple, accessible ideas that can help to guide you towards building confidence and developing resilience in the face of rejection.

It is most applicable to people who are:

  • feeling confidence knocked by rejections to job applications/freelance opportunities/creative projects

  • fed up with the lack of acknowledgement/feedback after sending applications

  • feeling invisible, particularly in terms of work/identity

  • bored of writing applications and losing motivation to apply

It will be informal and interactive with a small group (maximum 8 people). Register for your free ticket here:

This is a practice run for an event later in the week, so your feedback will be appreciated if you’d like to offer any.

If you’d like to attend but the timing isn’t good for you, please email sarah@sarahventurer to let me know if you’d like to attend another session in the future.

Thank you - I will be working on my next newsletter over the next few days.